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Who we are

Whisper provides a non-toxic, stress free, non-judgmental gaming environment for our fellow WoW players in order to help one another improve our skills, kill bosses, and get loot while having fun. We are a guild of established Mythic/Heroic raiders who have carved out a space for our brand of dungeons, raiding, and social events on the Wyrmrest Accord server and are looking for new, old, and returning players to join in.

Our top priority is to create an incredible guild environment for all members, in both casual and serious progression. We pride ourselves in creating a safe place for everyone to play the game regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, skill, or experience. Our raid team is a mixture of excellent players working towards heroic (and occasionally mythic) progression without compromising our core values. Our guild community and friendly, supportive raid atmosphere are extremely valuable to us, and it’s important that you share them to ensure a good fit.

Progression Raid Team

Our progression team raids Thursday and Friday at 5PM server (Pacific)

For our progression raid team, we expect you to:

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Social Team

We also welcome casual members and players focused on Mythic Dungeons and Keystone Master. We're seeking players who are looking to push keys as far as possible in a steady environment. We would also like to provide a place to allow others who would otherwise shy away from dungeons, aiding them in learning routes, bosses and dangerous mob mechanics, etc in a stress-free environment. Casual / social players are also welcomed if seeking a place to call home.

To apply, find us via the in-game guild finder!







5-8pm Mythic Raid


5-8pm Mythic Raid


All times Server/Pacific